I am a student of Jakub’s, focusing on improving my breast stroke technique, and learning free style swimming for the first time. I am very glad I started my lessons with Jakub. At first I was so bad with free style and couldn’t swim even 25m correctly, without swallowing a lot of pool water :-). After just a few lessons with Jakub, I now have better control over my breathing, head and arms movement synchronization, and I can swim longer distances without feeling that I’m out of breath. He provided me with good guidance after each lap, and took videos of my swimming so I can learn and improve. He also offers very flexible lessons times, that fit with my work schedule. I am certain I will continue learning with Jakub for the foreseeable future.

William (10/2018)
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Mgr. Jakub Kulhánek

Founder of the Swimming School Shut up and swim! I have been systematically developing this pleasure in my clients for more than 10 years in the pool and gym. I am the founder of the swimming association Shut up and swim, which brings together swimmers and non-swimmers of all levels and ages. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Education of TVS-ZSV. My teaching practice helped me perfectly not only to know how to lead the training, but also to determine its content. The combination of swimming and fitness will give your body both spirit and mind. Do you know any other sport you can do while lying down?

Bára Bayerová

Swimming coach. Since the age of six she has been racing with fins. This sport has become part of her life as well as classical swimming. Among the greatest achievements are the title of champion of the republic, the winner of the Czech Cup in long-distance swimming with fins and medals from the World Cups. If you want to try to swim most of your fin training, or if you have no idea how to diversify your classic training, come and join us!

Mgr. Sáša Živná

She graduated from FTVS, a long-time swimming and fin swimming coach. Participant of university universities in swimming with monofin.
There’s enough water in the pool, so stop crying and swim!

Bc. Daniel Jordán

He got to swimming at the age of eighteen through a triathlon, when he added swimming and training to cycling and running. As a weaker swimmer, he had to go through the whole process of learning all the swimming methods to better cope with the swimming part in triathlon races. Now I do not consider the swimming part as my weakness. In 2019 he graduated from FTVS with a specialization in triathlon and endurance multisports. He is currently continuing his Master’s studies at the Faculty.

Tereza Oblouková

Swimming shorts. For more than 12 years she competed swimming, participated in the Championship of the Republic and Games I., II. Summer Olympics of Children and Youth. At present she likes to pass on this experience to children and adults. Both beginners and advanced swimmers who would like to improve their performance.

Is swimming a part of your life and enjoy working with people?
So you’re right!

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