Why join a swimming camp? Because it is more intense and you´ll feel it!

At the campsite you just know what fun it is! Is this a great opportunity to make your weekend more enjoyable, learn something and do you know any other sport you can do while lying down?

Swimming camp is designed for all!

Since 2017 we have organized 15 camps and trained 250 swimmers. If you want to look at the photos from the camps and soak up the atmosphere, check out our FB in the photos. The last camp took place in the newly repaired Prague Třebešín swimming pool, Prague 10. The swimming pool has 5 swimming lanes and the water has a pleasant 28C. There will also be camps 2023!

The following website and FB for new terms of swimming camps in 2023!




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Price for person 1.790Kč

Swimming pool Třebešín Prague, focus on all 4 swimming ways (Crawl, Breast, Butterfly)

Schedule meeting at 9.40h in front of the pool to about 14.00h

Minimum registered 10 persons.

Swimming pool address: Na Třebešíně, 100 00, Prague 10

pool (practice in pool, shooting with gopro camera) – theory and video analysis – pool (practice) – dry preparation

REFRESHMENT provided (water, fruit, protein bar)

With you
swimsuits (even spare), towel, bathrobe, slippers, swimming goggles, writing aids,
swimming fins, swimming aids (if you have), drinking

More information
A maximum of 5 swimmers per lane.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel the crawl camp if at least 8 participants are not registered.

You will be divided into groups according to your fitness.

complete beginners (cannot swim)
intermediate (100m or more without any signs of fatigue, improve technique)
advanced (250m or more without any signs of fatigue, we will improve the technique)

Compare your performance with others, learn new training methods, improve your awareness of the right technique.

Advance payment to bank account 2502026787/2010 at least one week before the event write in your note your name and your swimming level (according to the division above) and swimming method (character, crawl, breast, bow tie)

Cancellation fee
Cancellation conditions for participation in crawl camp

5 days in advance – 50% cancellation fee
72hours (3 days) in advance – 100% cancellation fee

20 – 23. 6.2024

The Second year of the Swimming camp at the First Republic in Dachova

A unique opportunity to go to the first unique three-day camp outside of Prague. From Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th June, we are organizing a swimming camp in the First Republic’s sun baths in Dachova near Hořice in Eastern Bohemia (90 minutes from Prague)

Perfect your style and treat your body to health in a unique environment and in a saltwater pool (in the camp).

The number of places is limited to 18 swimmers.

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